ENVY Products: “I recently had a severe breakout and wanted to share with others what I discovered to help clear my skin up as I am just amazed! After cleansing my face, I applied the ENVY Organics Pure Aloe with Tea Tree on the affected areas and allowed that to dry and then followed that […]


Jenny, I am fairly new to the ENVY Organics products and would like to know if it is important to use each item in the Spa Facial Kit? I have always been a soap and water type of gal and just wonder if I really need to use each of these products every day. Rhonda […]

The Five Fundamentals of Success by Jeff Piersall There are thousands of books and hundreds of motivational speakers that can describe a formula for success. When you whittle them all down to the basics, these five just seem to always show up as the fundamentals. I think we can all accept that success has many […]


The process of building your ENVY Organics Business is easy and simple to follow.  As a consultant you have two responsibilities:  gather customers and sponsor new consultants.  The question is how?  Just imagine a baseball diamond with Home Plate, 1st base, 2nd base and 3rd base.  Your job is to move people around the bases. […]